Suspicious blaze under investigation

Hunt County – Hunt County officials are investigating a structure fire that originally occurred and was put out Sunday afternoon, then destroyed early Monday morning.

"The Fire that Commerce FD called me out on is currently being investigation. [Then] approximately 3 o'clock this morning I was called back out to the same house, the same scene, and the house is totally destroyed now," said Hunt County Fire Marshall Richard Hill.

The fire could have rekindled, or a second fire was started, according to Hill.

He has spoken with one person of interest regarding the blaze on CR 4308, but not arrests have been made. The house has been abandoned for several years, according to Hill.

It took Commerce Fire officials approximately an hour and a half to put out the original blaze Sunday.

Very little damage was done to the home on Sunday, says Hill, stating all the outside walls and roof were intact when officials left the scene.