TAPB Continuing Coverage Entry: Severe Weather 5-24-11- Meinke, Jefferies, Knight

Jan 31, 2012

On May 24th, the worst of several weeks of storms plowed through Northeast Texas.  KETR had continuing coverage leading up to the event all day, and 4+ hours of non-stop, uninterrupted coverage as the storms made their way through.  With help from Texas A&M University-Commerce Emergency Management Coordinator Derek Preas, KETR's Matt Meinke, Kevin Jefferies, and Jerrod Knight provided coverage throughout the evening.  From Tornado Warnings, to power outages, KETR had the latest information available, and took calls to hear from the eye witnesses to these storms.

Anchor: Matt Meinke

Co-Anchor: Kevin Jefferies

Location Correspondent: Jerrod Knight