Texas A&M University-Commerce assisting emergency responders

Scott Harvey

Commerce – Buildings at Texas A&M University-Commerce will soon be receiving a slight makeover to better assists the campus community in the event of an emergency. Over the next few days University officials will be installing 9-1-1 addresses on campus buildings. According to Executive Director of Facilities at A&M-Commerce David McKenna, these new four digit numbers will aid emergency vehicles in finding locations on campus quicker. McKenna says most buildings on campus don't have a specific street number, so installing these 9-1-1 numbers will make it easier on emergency crews.

The numbering process is done through the 9-1-1 coordinating office in Hunt County. McKenna says the aluminum numbers are purchased by the University. Designation of those numbers is then assigned by the 9-1-1 coordinator. Numbers should be installed on all campus buildings within the next few days.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Executive Director of Facilities David McKenna explains the reason for these 9-1-1 numbers.