Texas A&M University-Commerce seeking money-saving options for students

Scott Harvey

– The financial future for Texas A&M University-Commerce parents and students looks bright. The University is juggling several options that will help save students money. That's according to Vice President for Business and Administration Bob Brown who spoke at this years Spring Faculty Meeting. He says one model being considered would provide students with four years of a guaranteed fixed tuition. Another would only charge students for a certain amount of credit hours, after which additional semester hours would be free of charge. The University has already decided not increase tuition for the upcoming academic year beginning in August.

Brown also addressed the University's commitment toward implementing the University's Strategic Plan for 2007-2012. President McFarland has appointed a Planning Implementation Team to do just that. The committee meets weekly for about an hour. They'll soon provide a report to the President that suggests how each one of the six parts of the Strategic Plan can be implemented.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Vice President for Business and Administration Bob Brown explains why fall tuition will remain the same.