Texas Juniors can take SAT for free in Spring

– Many Texas public school, charter school and home-schooled students in the class of 2012 will have the opportunity to take a college entrance exam such as the SAT at no cost to the students or their families during Spring 2011.

The opportunity for Texas juniors to take a free college entrance exam such as the SAT is made possible through the Texas College Preparation Program (TCPP), which provides funding for Texas public school districts to administer college readiness assessments to students.

To take the SAT for free on May 7 or June 4, students must obtain a TCPP voucher that will be available in public and charter schools beginning on or around Jan. 15, 2011. Home-schooled students who wish to participate can request a voucher by e-mailing a request to

Once students obtain a voucher, they can register online for the SAT.

More Texas students take the SAT than any other college entrance exam. Among the class of 2010, a record 148,102 Texas high school students took the SAT, with public school students accounting for 123,154 (93 percent) of all Texas SAT takers in the most recent graduating class.