The Thunder rolls over NBA champ Mavs in four

May 5, 2012

Dallas' mighty Mavericks have fallen in the first round of the NBA playoffs, losing four games in a row to Oklahoma City.

In the final game of the sweep, high scorer Dirk Nowitzki claimed 34 points. Jason Kidd shot for 16, and Jason Terry contributed 11.

According to an ESPN article, the Mavs are only the fifth team in history to fall in a first-round sweep after winning the championship.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tweeted after the game. "That obviously was no fun, but we will be back Mavs fans. No doubt about it #GoMavs"

For this disappointed reporter, hats off to the boys from Oklahoma. This young team unseated the champs in a massive four-game sweep. Nice if they'd be the team to go all the way.