Top Stories: Volatile Markets; Palestinian Statehood Bid

Sep 23, 2011

Good morning.

Our headlines from earlier today:

-- From Pakistan: 'Vehement Denials' And Indignation After U.S. Accusations

-- Boos Heard At GOP Debate After Gay Soldier Asks About 'Don't Ask'

-- Saleh Returns And For Yemen, 'Next 24 Hours Will Be Decisive'

Other major stories making headlines:

-- "World Markets Sink As G20 Fails To Ease Tensions." (The Associated Press)

-- "All Eyes On Abbas Ahead Of Historic Palestinian Statehood Bid." (Globe and Mail)

-- "House Passes Funding Bill, But Conflict Looms." (Politico)

-- "Wayward Satellite Likely To Fall In South Pacific." (CBS News/AP)

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