Total Equipment and Service Moving Into Greenville

Aug 7, 2012

GREENVILLE - A North Texas company which provides services to the oil and gas industry setting up shop at the site of the vacant Woodgrain Millwork building, which closed last fall.

Granbury-based Total Equipment and Service, founded in 2004, plans to use the Greenville facility for logistics, purchasing and as a warehouse, which will bring about two dozen jobs. They’ve already filled a few management positions.

The company intends to expand into manufacturing in about two years. Total Equipment and Service has also expressed interest in purchasing a 21 acre tract across the road from the plant on just off of State Highway 66, which could make way for more  production and new jobs.

Last year, Woodgrain Millwork announced they would move their Greenville operation of aluminum-clad swinging and sliding patio doors to West Des Moines, Iowa.