Two Greenville firefighters promoted

Greenville – The Greenville Fire Department has recently promoted both Jake Papageorgiou to Lieutenant and Jordan Stogsdill to Engineer.

Papageorgiou and Stogsdill are active participants in the F. A. R. M. (Firemen as Role Models) program and volunteer for the department's Relay for Life team. Each received the Greenville Fire-Rescue 2008 Community Involvement Award in addition to City employee of the quarter and the American Legion Firefighter of the Year Award.

Papageorgiou is certified as a Driver/Operator, Fire Investigator and Fire Instructor. He has been with Greenville Fire-Rescue since May 1999 and created the department's Juvenile Fire Setter program and the Safe House program.

Stogsdill is certified as a Driver/Operator, Arson Investigator and Peace Officer. He has been with Greenville Fire-Rescue since April 2003 and serves as the department's Arson Investigator and is President of the local Fire Association.

Both Papageorgiou and Stogsdill received the highest grade on the promotion test and received the highest evaluation for their respective positions. Both men have written and submitted grant applications for the department to assist in finding alternative sources of funding.

Caison said, "I was not surprised that both Jake and Jordan scored the highest on the promotional test. They have always put the department before themselves and have supported me with assistance on major projects. I know that I can always depend on them for the quality of work they do. There is no doubt that these promotions will increase the leadership and capability in the department. I am proud of them both and look forward to seeing them further develop their leadership skills."