Two Haiti earthquake victims with ties to Hunt Coutny

Hunt County – Two missionaries, who died from injuries sustained during last week's earthquake in Haiti, have ties to Hunt County.

Rev. Clinton Rabb once lived in Wolfe City and graduated from the high school, while Jean Arnwine had relatives who live in the Celeste area.

Arnwine was part of an assembly affiliated with Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas who were volunteering at a clinic in the village of Petit Goave (Go-Aahv). Although Arnwine was rescued from the site, she died of her injuries Friday.

Rabb, a leader of the United Methodist Church's mission volunteer program, died Sunday in a Florida hospital. He was trapped for 55 hours in the ruins of a Port-au-Prince hotel before rescue workers freed him. Rabb graduated from Wolfe City High School in 1967. He still has relatives in the Wolfe City and Commerce areas.