Two killed, two injured in wreck

Royse City – Two boys were killed and two were injured in an early morning wreck near Royse City yesterday. 11 year old David Nguyen and 15 year old Anthony Oscar, both of Dallas, died when the vehicle they were riding in went off the road and struck a tree. 18 year old Brandon Rivera, an unlicensed driver from Plano, was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. 15 year old Anival Ortiz of Dallas was also a passenger. Both were flown to Parkland of Dallas.

The four were in an '82 Cadillac and had been looking for a girl one of them had met earlier, according to police. When they couldn't find the girl, they decided to look for something they could steal and pawn. A newspaper carrier saw the boys take a $280 lawnmower from someone's yard, and followed the car, calling police and giving license plate information. The driver went to signal a turn at a curve in the road, but turned off the headlights of the car instead. When he turned them back was too late, and the vehicle struck a tree head-on. Police do not think the carrier, who was behind the vehicle at the time of the accident, was responsible in any way.