Two men arrested during protest in Paris

Paris – State riot police are called to Paris, and Lamar County deputies arrest two people following protests outside the courthouse Tuesday.

About 100 people took to the streets, then around 200 attended the protest arguing the recent dismissal of charges against two white men, accused of killing a black man in September, 2008. They were met by about a dozen white supremacist protestors.

One skinhead and one shirtless man, both of them white, were arrested after exchanging words with a deputy.

It reportedly began as a peaceful protest at around 10 a.m. But protest zones, established by officials last week to keep both sides separated, were reportedly ignored by some.

At last report, no injuries had resulted from the protests.

In June, a special prosecutor had asked for charges to be dropped against Shannon Finley and Ryan Crostley, citing a lack of evidence. The two were accused of killing 24-year-old Brandon McClelland.