Two people injured in separate accidents in Hunt County

Hunt County – Two people were injured in separate motor vehicle accidents in Hunt County yesterday. In one accident, a wrecker came very close to crashing through a daycare center in Kingston, while another accident left a man badly scraped after losing control of his motorcycle along Interstate 30.

An Arlington man was traveling along Highway 69 in Kingston when he apparently swerved to miss a dog in the road then crossed over the highway and through a small pasture. The wrecker truck crashed into a tree about 20 feet from the rear entrance of a daycare center full of kids and workers. DPS officials say the truck would have gone right into the daycare center if the driver had not struck the tree. The driver of the vehicle was transported via helicopter to Parkland Hospital with chest and stomach injuries.

In a separate incident, a man narrowly escaped more serious injury when he lost control of his Harley Davidson motorcycle while trying to traffic along I-30. The man flipped his bike into the center median and sustained injuries to his head and back. He was transported by ambulance to Presbyterian of Greenville.