Two Rains County murder suspects in court Thursday

Rains County – A hearing is set for today in connection with a Rains County triple homicide. Erin Caffey and Bobby Gale Johnson are to appear for a pretrial hearing today, with the start of Caffey's trial scheduled for Jan 5. No trial date has been announced for Johnson.

Two other defendants in the case, Charles Allen Wade and Charlie James Wilkinson, entered guilty pleas Nov. 7, and are facing an automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Wade and Wilkinson have also agreed to testify against Caffey and Johnson.

Caffey is alleged to have been involved in the murders of her mother and two brothers, as well as the shooting of her father, who survived, on March 1. The shooting is said to have resulted from Caffey's parents attempting to come between her and Wilkinson, her boyfriend.

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