University's Jones addresses budget cuts

Commerce – Budget cuts were among the topics addressed during the latest installment of the President's Perspective that aired June 2 on KETR.

Due to the state's projected multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, all state entities have been asked to cut five percent of their budgets. For A&M-Commerce, that amounts to $3.2 million.

Last month, the university submitted their list of cuts to the State of Texas, which has since been approved.

According to Jones, A&M-Commerce has identified several broad categories from which they plan to make cuts, one of which is labeled reductions or eliminations of low producing programs.

"We now have to go the drawing board and figure out exactly what our definitions of low producing programs are," Jones said. "How we're going to manage this in such a way that inflicts the least amount of pain possible."

Jones says the biggest priority in this process is for it to have little or no impact on the students.

"Our obligation is to reduce the budget in areas that will be invisible to students. We want to do everything we can without reducing deliver of instructional services to students. That's our commitment to students and that's our commitment to the people of the State of Texas."

Jones also stressed the need to make cuts all while not sacrificing the university's commitment to innovation.

"It is essential that this university continue to move forward, continue to develop new and innovated programs, continue to improve service delivery, continue to improve efficiency and effectiveness in all areas; and we can do that and manage a budget all at the same time."

You can hear Jerrod Knight's complete conversation on budget cuts with Dr. Jones by clicking the play button at the top of the page.

The President's Perspective airs monthly on KETR.