Utility customers can 'shop around' this spring

Mar 3, 2014

Hunt County customers who are served by Sharyland Utilities will have a chance starting this spring to shop for another electric provider if they so chose.

A public meeting is scheduled in Greenville this week to help customers with the transition.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas approved a plan to transition customers in Sharyland’s Celeste service area into retail electric competition as early as May 1.

Customers will be able to choose their Retail Electric Provider (REP), the company that will sell them electricity and send them a bill. All customer service and billing functions will be handled by the REP.

Sharyland will remain the “local wires company” responsible for the delivery of electricity, no matter which REP is chosen. Customers can still call the company in the event of an outage, and Sharyland will still handle all connection and disconnections at the direction of the REP.

The public meeting is scheduled between 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center. Retail Electric Providers who are providing service to the area are scheduled to be on hand to answer questions.