Veterans Day Parade Shows Honor to the Brave Ones

Nov 9, 2012

Veterans Day is a time of observance to honor the brave soldiers who fought in past wars. Hunt County's Annual Observance of Veterans Day will be held this year in downtown Greenville to honor the soldiers.

Jennifer Cooke, a Red Cross associate, has planned the event for November 10th at 10am. The parade has not been held in the Hunt County for almost several years. Cooke and her team have been working up the set up since the beginning of January of this year. The event has gathered a vast amount of Veteran organizations from across the Hunt County to as far as DFW. Some organizations in attendance are the Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, and many Veteran associated businesses.

This is the first parade to be held for the Veterans in several years. “They just don’t have the support; the community’s support,” says Cooke. This year the organizers have advertised with the use of social media, flyers, and newspapers to bring awareness to the community. To bring out residents, Cooke gives a word of advice, “Just remember that these people have fought four our country; and we wouldn’t have what we have if it wasn’t for them.”

The parade will be held on the intersection of Lee St. and Bois d’Arc in Greenville on Saturday, November 10th at 10am. Come out and show support to those who have fought heroically for America.