Volunteer training/orientation for Commerce ISD Thursday

Commerce – The Commerce ISD Communities in Schools program is offering a volunteer training/orientation class Thursday.

The Communities in Schools program is a way to bring the community into the classroom to help kids succeed for life. The program addresses children's unmet needs by allowing an adult to come into the school to work with the child. The program is geared to help students with academics, attendance and behavior problems; as well as, provide mentoring for any child needing somebody to talk to and share some time with them.

As a mentor, you can help that child with school work, read together, play board games, or you can have lunch and visit. The main thing is to spend time with the child.

Those wanting more information about the program can contact Lois Stevens at the Commerce Middle School at 903-886-3795.

Thursday evening's volunteer training orientation session runs from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Commerce Middle School.