The War of The Worlds, Part 2. "The Vanguard Of An Invading Army From Mars"

Mar 8, 2012

Grin-N-Bearit Presents "The War Of The Worlds", Part 2. H.G. Wells' story lives again in Grin-N-Bearit's rendition of the classic radio drama.

Strange beings from another planet have begun their invasion of planet Earth, and our primitive technology pales in comparison to theirs. Will humanity survive this War Of The Worlds?

Hear the voices of Greenville's Grin-N-Bearit, along with personalities from KETR, bring this timeless tale to life again on the radio waves. Remember, no matter how real it sounds, it's only make believe....or is it?

This episode originally aired March 7, 2012 during Notably Texan.