Wills Point Police arrest 2 men at gunpoint, 2 others on the run

Wills Point – Two Wills Point men were taken into custody at gunpoint, and two remain on the run after what may have been a drug deal gone sour last week. A man was held up at American National Bank in Wills Point when he tried to cash a check on a flagged bank account. Police were notified, and after arriving on the scene, noticed another car with 4 men inside waiting at the back of the bank. The 4 men began to leave, and when instructed to pull over by police, they ran. Two were taken into custody in various locations, and two remain at large.

A search of the vehicle yielded 15 grams of methamphetamine, 21 pills of ecstasy, and several syringes and meth pipes. The suspects said they were waiting on the man at the bank to cash a check for a drug deal. The man who was originally detained by bank officials denied that allegation, and was questioned, and released.