Wolfe City supports alcohol sales, citizens to decide

Wolfe City – The Wolfe City City Council is in favor of the sale of alcohol at local merchants.

Council members expressed their support Monday for the issue, which is now up to the citizens to decide. A petition will need to be filed and enough signatures obtained before the item can be placed on the November 3 ballot.

The council reportedly considered putting the item on the May 9 ballot, but could not meet certain deadlines. Like many other cities, alcohol sales would help boost sales revenue.

On Friday, the commissioner's court gave approval to two petitions regarding alcohol sales in Quinlan, which will go before voters in later this year. On May 9, voters in Paris and Emory chose in favor alcohol sales at local merchants. Reno voters, however, rejected a similar ballot item. Last November, Greenville residents voted in favor of the sale of beer and wine at stores and mixed beverages in restaurants.