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Hear a rebroadcast of Outdoors with Luke Clayton, and great music to bridge the gap between The Splendid Table and Beale Street Caravan.

The Scorpion's Honey: Judith

Jun 30, 2012

It's hard to love just one woman. Especially when they all love you.

The Scorpion's Honey: The Firm

Jun 23, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new. Thanks to The Firm.

The Scorpion's Honey : The Drug Addict

Jun 9, 2012

It's not always monkeys on your back.  Sometimes it is electric eels.

The Scorpion's Honey : Sabbatical

May 19, 2012

The original "Forever Alone"

The Scorpion's Honey : Pages From An Eccentric's Diary

Apr 28, 2012

Orthodox Pantheism Remix.

The Scorpion's Honey : A Horror Story

Apr 21, 2012

Don't be afraid of the dark.  Be afraid of the DMV.

The Scorpion's Honey : The Tour

Apr 14, 2012

Journey to the Center of your Being on this episode.

The Scorpion's Honey : Instruments of Horror

Apr 7, 2012

Mickey's days are numbered.

The Scorpion's Honey : The Transformation

Mar 20, 2012

Season 2 of the Scorpion's Honey kicks off with a strange tale of Chlorophylcanthropy?

The Scorpion's Honey : Goodbye Calendars

Feb 28, 2012

Working for the weekend?  Just get rid of the week.

The Scorpion's Honey : A Tumultuous Reunion

Feb 16, 2012

Step right up!  It's the greatest show on Earth!

The Scorpion's Honey : Marcolina

Feb 9, 2012

Don't make her angry.  You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

The Scorpion's Honey : A Panic Attack

Feb 2, 2012

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.  Right?

The Scorpion's Honey : An Offer to Serve

Jan 29, 2012

Jiminy Cricket... you're fired!

The Scorpion's Honey : In Praise of Silence

Jan 22, 2012