Mary Clark, Traveler

Tuesdays at 4:50pm and 5:50pm, during All Things Considered

Writing a travel column for the Paris News has brought together my life experiences and my life outlook. After 29 years of practicing law, I was ready for this change and it's been fun. I didn't want to manufacture the usual travel column with a few hotels, restaurants, and sites thrown in (although I'm told that's what most people want). What I wanted was to personalize cultures with stories. These encounters are not limited to foreign countries. The United States is richly diverse and reflective of the world and is a great source for the column. And, interestingly, I consider Paris, Texas itself a microcosm of the world and some stories will reflect that.

My essays are being read on this show and podcast, Mary Clark, Traveler, on 88.9 KETR, public radio for Northeast Texas.

Mary Visits The Home Of Georgia O'Keefe

Dec 11, 2012

Georgia O'Keefe was renowned for her paintings, and she left behind an amazing legacy after her death in 1986. Mary takes a tour of O'Keefe's dwelling in New Mexico.

Hiking Around The World

Dec 6, 2012

Mary has discovered amazing walking trails during her travels around the world. In this episode, she chronicles outstanding hikes in New Zealand, Turkey and Italy.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Nov 27, 2012

Hot air ballooning is popular worldwide, and the history of the flight technology is on display at the Hot Air Balloon Museum in New Mexico.

Open The Drawbridge, Here Comes Mary

Nov 20, 2012

When castles come to mind, the English variety often first come to mind, but Mary Clark's trip to Italy recently took her into one of the largest castles in the world.

A Pow Wow in Arizona

Nov 14, 2012

A trip to Sedona, Arizona revealed a gateway to ancient traditions for Mary, as she learned about Native American practices from her local guide Clint Frakes.

Mary describes her recent trip to the North African nation of Tunisia, renowned for it's beautiful beaches.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 46

Jul 31, 2012

Mary takes us to the last Wonder of the World.  Land of Goshen!

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 45

Jul 24, 2012

Mary goes to New Zealand for the umpteenth time.  How many is this Mary?

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 44

Jul 17, 2012

Sanus Per Aquam!

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 43

Jul 10, 2012

Mary suggests that you take your own Tia everywhere you travel.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 42

Jul 3, 2012

Boomers Invade Vietnam! Baby Boomers that is and they want discounts!

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 41

Jun 12, 2012

Mary discovers the REAL ancient Chinese secret.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 40

Jun 5, 2012

Mary discovers that Quebec is a door to the past and a guide for the future.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 39

May 22, 2012

...and everywhere that Mary went, good people were sure to go.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 38

May 15, 2012

Mary heads to Greenville to find some Hidden Gems.  Ooops.  I meant Greenvull.