Mary Clark, Traveler

Tuesdays at 4:50pm and 5:50pm, during All Things Considered

Writing a travel column for the Paris News has brought together my life experiences and my life outlook. After 29 years of practicing law, I was ready for this change and it's been fun. I didn't want to manufacture the usual travel column with a few hotels, restaurants, and sites thrown in (although I'm told that's what most people want). What I wanted was to personalize cultures with stories. These encounters are not limited to foreign countries. The United States is richly diverse and reflective of the world and is a great source for the column. And, interestingly, I consider Paris, Texas itself a microcosm of the world and some stories will reflect that.

My essays are being read on this show and podcast, Mary Clark, Traveler, on 88.9 KETR, public radio for Northeast Texas.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 07

Feb 22, 2011

Mary checks out the coffee scene in New Zealand.  Kiwi coffee?

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 06

Feb 18, 2011

Mary heads to the lesser explored areas of Guatemala.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 05

Dec 7, 2010

Mary heads down to the coast of Texas.  Spring break?

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 04

Nov 30, 2010

The ten hidden gems of Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 03

Nov 23, 2010

Mary travels to the northwest mountains of Viet Nam because it's there.

Mary Clark, Traveler Episode 02

Nov 16, 2010

Mary travels to Lake Louise in Canada.  Take off, eh?

Mary Clark, Traveler Pilot Episode 01

Nov 11, 2010

Mary tells us about her life and travels as a child.  Pilot episode.