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Big Band Jazz Music from the Big Band Era of the 30's to the 90's and beyond.

It's an office party! Familiar tunes from the 80's, 90's, 00's and current to get you through your workday. NPR News at the top of each hour and KETR's Local Newscast at the bottom, so you're never out-of-touch with your world. Also tune in to...

This is a fresh mix of adult favorites from the 80's, 90's, 00's and current chart-toppers. NPR News at the top of each hour so you're never out-of-touch with the world.

Hear a rebroadcast of Outdoors with Luke Clayton, and great music to bridge the gap between The Splendid Table and Beale Street Caravan.

KETR’s Locker Room is a sports podcast devoted to everything sports in Texas and the surrounding area.

Each week Cooper Welch, Taylor Phelps and Jordan Davis discuss what’s new in the world of sports, talk about...

Featuring Latin jazz and international jazz styles, hosted by David Hervás and produced locally at the KETR studios.

Visit the Latin Soul blog at this link.

By students, for students of Texas A&M University-Commerce. Interviews, commentary, and great music, only on Your Station!

Writing a travel column for the Paris News has brought together my life experiences and my life outlook. After 29 years of practicing law, I was ready for this change and it's been fun. I didn't want to manufacture the usual travel column with...