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Johnny Depp can now add "quick-thinking Native American" to his vast list of characters he has played as he joins Armie Hammer in the newest screen adaption of the long-adored radio and TV show The Lone Ranger.


Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality is back with the FBI, but this time she's not headed to a beauty pageant. She's joined by a nasty, tough, sailor-mouth police officer who she doesn't get along with.


Actors John Goodman and Billy Crystal are once again taking on their roles as Mike and Sully in Monsters University, the latest movie from Disney/Pixar.


After being off of the big screen for a few years, Superman returns in a new fashion after director, Zack Snyder (300) re-creates the long-adored superhero.


Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson  (Wedding Crashers) are returning to the big screens today, and are "crashing" more than just a wedding.


After debuting their father and son roles in Pursuit of Happyness, Will and Jaden Smith return to the big screen as father and son. This time, however, their danger is much greater.


This week, Alice Reese brings us a review of the latest movies coming to your theaters including The Hangover  Part III, Fast and Furious 6, and Love is All You Need.


This week, Alice Reese will talk to us about the classic, The Great Gatsby. Also she lets us know about At Any Price starring the busy actor, Dennis Quaid and former Disney star, Zac Efron.


This week, Alice Reese will talk about the movies that will be released over summer break.


This week, Alice brings us reviews of multiple movies, one being the long-awaited Iron Man 3.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been busy this summer. This weekend in Looper he plays a man hired by the mafia to kill and dispose of agents sent from the future.

Alice Reese: The Master is Masterful

Sep 21, 2012

Our local movie critic Alice Reese raves about this weekend's debut of The Master, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.

Alice Reese: Popular Animation Again Goes 3D

Sep 14, 2012

This weekend's Finding Nemo 3D brings back the popular 2003 tale of a kidnapped fish and the journey to bring him home.

Alice Reese: A Hard to Put Down Novel

Sep 7, 2012
Theatrical Poster

Our local movie critic Alice Reese is encouraging weekend movie-goers to check out The Words, starring Bradley Cooper.

Alice Reese: Lawless brings Texas Connection

Aug 31, 2012

Call it a much more serious version of the Dukes of Hazard, Lawless stars Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy as the infamous Bondurant brothers.