Photo by Scott Morgan
Photo by Scott Morgan

Emotion for the loss of emotionless things doesn't have to make sense. Sometimes it's just nice to be grateful for the things that get us through life.

Gamble was known for his left-handed slugging ability and distinctive hair.
Texas Rangers

Former Texas Rangers outfielder and designated hitter Oscar Gamble, 68, died today. Gamble’s agent, Andrew Levy, confirmed the death to The cause of death was not released.

Photo by Scott Morgan
Photo by Scott Morgan

A little piece of tape is my solution to a bad what-if.

Martin stands with poster of the Beatles in 1984.

“The Fifth Beatle” – it’s become a catch phrase for the unsung hero or unofficial collaborator.  In the legendary story of the Beatles, there are quite a few “fifth Beatles.”  The ill-fated Stu Sutcliffe actually was the fifth member of the fledgling group in its formative Hamburg days.  Manager Brian Epstein, keyboardist Billy Preston, New York disc jockey “Murray the K.”  But the person most deserving of the honor was producer Sir George Martin, who has died at the age of 90.

Fans from Southern Mississippi and Washington began arriving early this morning.
Mark Haslett

This evening's story is not a comprehensive history of the Cotton Bowl. As a pro football fan with limited interest in the college game, I lack the knowledge to wax eloquent about the glory days of the Southwest Conference as played out at Fair Park. What follows is a reflection written from the press box where Blackie Sherrod, Bob St. John, Randy Galloway, Frank Luska and many other bright writers worked before this particular dim bulb darkened the doorway.

Could Lucky Dog Books, which might lose its Oak Cliff location, be successful in Commerce?

Here, Lucky! Come here!

There’s sad news from Dallas today. The Oak Cliff Advocate reported that the Lucky Dog Books location in Oak Cliff is closing on April 1. They can’t pay the rent and the landlord isn’t in a credity mood. As of the moment, no location has emerged as a possible new home, the Advocate said.

Some used-book stores are rag-tag affairs of disintegrating paperback romances and westerns, perhaps supplemented by 1990s travel guides and DOS-era computer books.

This graph, published at Tobin Grant's "Corner of Church and State" blog for Religion News Service, has been making the rounds on social media.
Tobin Grant / Religion News Service

Do members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church tend to be older? Are people who attend Pentecostal churches often younger? Which faiths tend to have a higher number of people with college degrees?

Mark Haslett

Who would have guessed that a North Central Texas Council of Governments public meeting about a proposed toll road would provide more drama than the Texas A&M University-Commerce football season opener?

Before the Lions romped past an overmatched East Texas Baptist team at Memorial Stadium, the Council of Governments public forum in Lavon had disbanded early.

The local fire marshal shut the meeting down about 45 minutes into the evening’s proceedings. The crowd of over 300 packed into the NeSmith Elementary School lunchroom constituted a violation of fire code. via YouTube

Before we say adios to the NBA for the few months before it all begins again, I'd like to invite you to join me in remembering NPR's excellent coverage of last year's Spurs-Heat NBA Finals. 

Thanks to for this moment of NPR-themed hilarity. Those of us who are Dallas Mavericks fans who did not jump on the Spurs bandwagon could use a laugh today.


  As we have admired the exceptional play of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs, here’s a question for Dallas Cowboys fans:  Who is Peter Holt?  

I’m a casual basketball fan, so perhaps I’m less knowledgeable than many readers, but my guess is that relatively few outside of San Antonio can identify Peter Holt as the owner of the Spurs.   Breathes there the man or woman who hasn’t heard the name of the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones? Perhaps there’s a lesson here.

'March Madness' - madness, indeed?

Mar 21, 2014
Stephen F. Austin State University

“March Madness,” the NCAA Division I basketball tournament, is great entertainment, like a big summer action-movie blockbuster.  As a means of determining a national champion – if by “national champion” we mean “the best team” – it stinks.


It’s not certain when St. Patrick's Day morphed from a just another saint's day into an excuse for some to get drunk to the point of near-incontinence on emerald-colored concoctions. But, sadly, that's what the holiday seems to have become in the United States.

Tonight, green Mardi Gras beads, which are as Irish as Vladimir Putin, will fly in bars from Seattle to St. Augustine. Boozy brogues will be attempted, unsuccessfully. Back in the old country, such antics would be dismissed as "a load of bollocks."

Evan Jones Trio bassist Pitts finds 'message' in music

Feb 18, 2014
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The American psychologist Abraham Maslov said “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, and a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.”

Those words have living evidence in the form of a young double bass player named Chris Pitts. 

A native of Long Beach, Calif., Pitts spent the majority of his youth in the creative melting pot of Seattle. Pitts’ introduction to music came behind a drum set in high school band. After graduation, Pitts almost joined the military, but after his family moved to Texas, Pitts decided to try college.

Texas Rangers

It might seem hard to imagine baseball on this freezing-cold day in early February. But pitchers and catchers will be reporting to training camp soon. And in just a handful of weeks, Texas Rangers fans can rejoice as the first pitch of the season is thrown at…

Globe Life Park in Arlington.


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Orthodox Christians in Texas and around the world celebrate the Feast of the Nativity - Christmas Day - on Jan. 7.

That's because Dec. 25 in the old Julian calendar falls on Jan. 7 using the newer Gregorian calendar - the one that's in common use today.

Orthodoxy, of course, isn't the most common form of Christianity in Northeast Texas. There is one Orthodox parish in the KETR listening area - St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKinney.