Elk Hunting

Dean Stovall poses with an Elk the Luke and crew got on the first day of the trip.
Luke Clayton

Luke has joined some friends in the Colorado Rockies to hunt Elk. Along the way, he paused to share some of the experience with us as we hear a few details recorded at different times during the excursion. Luke shares some great camp cooking tips, hurdles to overcome with a successful kill on the mountain, and even the impact of mother nature.

California Department of Fish and Game - https://flic.kr/p/a1Ai75 / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

Luke has been on the road the past few weeks hunting Elk in the Colorado Rockies.  Mixing modern technology with mother nature, Luke has recorded a few segments with fellow hunters while sitting on the porch of the cabin or relaxing around the campfire.  Luke also describes the stunning beauty of the mountains from his hunting perch as we bring you several segments from the trip on this week's Outdoors.

Luke Clayton

Luke Clayton and Larry Large just got back from an extended trip to Colorado.


Larry Large is on the scene in Colorado and talks about it with Luke this week.

Luke Clayton

Luke talks drop-shotting for bass with Lake Fork guide Larry Large and wraps the show up with some local fishing reports.

Luke Clayton

Guide Larry Large drops by to talk bass fishing at Lake Fork and archery elk hunting in Colorado.