Equity Center

AUSTIN - State District Judge John Dietz signed an order Monday establishing an October tentative trial date for Texas’ school finance lawsuits.

AUSTIN - The 400th school district has joined a lawsuit challenging that the state’s current school finance system is unfair for taxpayers and students.

School finance lawsuit continues to grow

Nov 16, 2011

AUSTIN - As of this week, the Equity Center’s lawsuit against the state represents more than one million students statewide.

Equity Center officially files suit against State

Oct 12, 2011

AUSTIN - A coalition of more than 150 school districts has sued the state of Texas over a school funding system they say is unfair, inefficient and unconstitutional.

The coalition represents more than one in 10 Texas districts, including several local districts like Bonham, Commerce, Greenville and Paris.

AUSTIN - More Than 100 Texas School Districts have now joined the Equity Center’s lawsuit, which is expected to be filed sometime next month.