Luke Clayton

Luke visits with commercial flounder fisherman Trey Schmitt on the Texas coast this week. Tune in and learn what's it like to venture forth at night in search of one of the best eating fish in fresh or saltwater.

Luke Clayton

This week, storyteller deluxe Sam Tanner tells about the old days growing up on the blackland prairies and shares a bit of humor with his 'possum dog' tale. Luke wraps things up with some fishing tips.

Luke Clayton

  Tune in this week and join Luke and his long time friend guide Billy Carter (  and learn all about fishing and vacationing on and around Caddo Lake.  

Luke Clayton, Steve Nixon

Luke speaks with San Antonia area guide Steve Nixon of and Captain Mike Williams, who leads fishing trips into the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston.

Luke Clayton

Join Luke and Bill Dance this week. Bill talks about his formative years when he first learned to love fishing.

Luke Clayton

Join Luke and his guests this week for a smorgasbord of outdoor talk. Everything from shotgun chokes to the best fishing spots is discussed.

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with his longtime friend - fishing guide Bob Holmes.

Happy Opener of Deer Season! In today's show, Luke visits with guide Seth Vanover about a red hot crappie bite underway at Lake Fork. There's also lots of deer hunting talk.
Seth Vanover, Luke Clayton

It's spring, and the fish are biting - Luke and some pro guides tell you where.

Audio: Local fishing 12-5-12

Dec 7, 2012

Join Luke this week to talk about how the fish are biting.


Join Luke this week for a smorgasbord of outdoor talk.

Luke Clayton

Ever wonder why some catfish baits are so effective and others... not so much?

Luke Clayton

Luke speaks with Yantis Catfish Classic Director Sam Scrogging this week, as well as pro guide Seth Vanover.