Greenville Texas

Herald-Banner and Commerce Journal editor Caleb Slinkard discusses a planned new housing development in northwest Hunt County, along with other recently announced development plans for the west side of Greenville and the county.  Caleb also discusses new water and wastewater infrastructure projects in Commerce.

Herald-Banner and Commerce Journal editor Caleb Slinkard says the debate over the L3 lease, while concluded some time ago, remains a major issue in the Greenville mayoral election Saturday between David Dreiling and council member Dan Perkins.  And Caleb says the future of the Paul Mathews Exchange Building in downtown Greenville and the proposed YMCA project are also major issues.  Voters in Quinlan Saturday will decide whether the off-premise sale of liquor should be allowed there.

The Paul Matthews Exchange Building in downtown Greenville is for sale.  The seven-story building is owned by the city of Greenville.  The editor of the Herald-Banner, Caleb Slinkard, expects a decision on selling the building to be made very soon.  This week, the Herald-Banner reported that one of the two bids on the building had been withdrawn, leaving one bid at $3.3 million.  Also, discussed the recent sale of the abandoned former C.B.'s Hamburgers and Wilhite Candy buildings at Wesley and O'Neal Streets.

Hunt County Historical Commission

Hunt County Historical Commission chairman Carol Taylor discusses Greenville's history of "opera houses."  The best known was the King Opera House, part of which still stands within the Texan Theater, which is being extensively renovated and will reopen this fall.

Housewarmers of Greenville

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville recently returned from a visit to a friend in Australia.  She happened to arrive on ANZAC Day, celebrating the veterans of Australia and New Zealand.  Pud says we could take lessons from the Aussies on how to throw a parade and honor vets.  And the Greenville Farmers Market is back, Saturday mornings from 9 a.m.

Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau

Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau director Milton Babb says regional music stars the Damn Quails will be the musical headliners at the annual Back Street Bash celebration Saturday, March 22 in downtown Greenville.