The Powell Brothers (Left: Blake, Right: Taylor) played an original tune live during Notably Texan.
Matt Meinke

Taylor and Blake have been making music together since they were kids in church performing with their father. They've now gone "all-in" to music with The Powell Brothers band, and are touring all across the state.

Members of Two Star Symphony strive to bring modern instrumental music to new audiences, writing and performing unique, dark ethereal soundscapes which are ideal for a film soundtrack.

Defense Attorney Becoming a Prosecutor in June

Mar 20, 2012

The Houston defense attorney assigned to be the prosecutor charged with examining a current judge’s conduct in 1987 murder case says his inquiry won’t begin in earnest until this summer.

Three Dead in Houston Apartment Shooting

Feb 13, 2012

Investigators say that three men have died in Houston after gunfire broke out in a Houston-area apartment.

Autistic Woman Missing in Houston

Jan 3, 2012

The search is under way in Houston for a 26-year-old autistic woman who wandered away from home on New Year’s Day.

Man Killed in Houston

Dec 30, 2011

A man attempting to flee gunmen trying to kick down a door was shot and killed yesterday in a southeast Houston apartment.