Lake Tawakoni

Seth Vanover and David Hanson (pictured) join Luke this week to talk about catfish at Lakes Fork & Tawakoni.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with a couple of catfish pro guides that give some tips to help you put together the making of a big catfish fish fry. At Fork, guide Seth Vanover is hammering the channel catfish in shallow water while over at Tawakoni, guide David Hanson is catching lots and lots of eater size blue catfish in the 3-6 pound range from shallow water.

Seth Vanover and David Hanson (pictured) join Luke this week to talk about catfish at Lakes Fork & Tawakoni.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with veteran Lake Tawakoni trophy blue catfish guide David Hanson ( Tune in and learns how Hanson consistently puts his clients on monster blue catfish.

County Line magazine
County Line magazine

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says a number of Greenville institutions made the "Best of the Upper East Side (of Texas)" list in County Line magazine, which covers Northeast Texas.  Named at the best restaurant in Northeast Texas is Landon's Winery and Bistro in downtown Greenville.  Lake Tawakoni made the list for "best fishing," and the Webb Hill Country Club near Wolfe City was

Sulphur Springs Police have said that a standoff in Cumby ended in suicide today.
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Herald-Banner and Commerce Journal editor Caleb Slinkard says while city of Greenville statistics show the overall crime rate down in 2014, murders and rapes were up significantly.  Caleb also discusses the city's concerns over low levels at Lake Tawakoni, which supplies most of the city's water.

Brad Kellar / Greenville Herald-Banner

Construction has been under way for almost two years on the single largest highway improvement project ever seen in southern Hunt County.

But it will likely be almost two more years before motorists will be able to drive across an expanded Two-Mile Bridge/State Highway 276, the main connector between West Tawakoni in Hunt County and East Tawakoni in Rains County.

Darrell Van Vactor

Darrell Van Vactor, President of Cabela's King Kat Tournament Trail, joins Luke this week to talk about the tournament coming to Lake Tawakoni in March.

Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is Lake Tawaknoi guide Michael Littlejohn. Tune in and learn how to catch trophy catfish during the cold weather months! 

Luke Clayton

Tawakoni guide Larry Thomas joins Luke this week.

Luke Clayton

Join Luke Clayton and Michael Littlejohn for a talk of fishing on Lake Tawakoni.

Contract Finalized for Lake Tawakoni Bridge Project

Sep 26, 2012
PeepleWatcher / Flickr

WEST TAWAKONI - Crews have begun setting up barricades ahead of construction on the $47.85 million project, which will replace the 52-year-old bridge.

Michael Littlejohn

Tune in this week and learn how to catch big blue catfish during the dog days of summer!

Hunt County Crime Stoppers

HUNT COUNTY - Sheriff Randy Meeks says there’s been no progress in the murder case of Heather Leann Pope.

edeevo / Flickr

WEST TAWAKONI - With a surface area of 37,879 acres, Lake Tawakoni covers a vast area of East Texas, including three counties. Now, drivers who frequent the longest of the lakes' two bridges can look forward to some relief while crossing.

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TAWAKONI - 50-year-old Louise Goode was identified as the victim of Tuesday night's fire in south Hunt County.

Fishing trip turns deadly on Lake Tawakoni

Jul 5, 2012
Texas Parks and Wildlife

TAWAKONI - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says a Collin County man drowned Monday during a fishing trip on Lake Tawakoni.