Massoud Ebrahim

No sale made on Exchange Building

Aug 7, 2014
Brad Kellar / Greenville Herald-Banner

A downtown landmark will remain in the hands of the City of Greenville.

City Manager Massoud Ebrahim said the city was unable to sell the Paul Mathews Exchange Building to the only bidder.

“The individual we had been negotiating with ... he could not secure long term leases with the tenants,” Ebrahim said.

City waiting on new street repair numbers

Jul 28, 2014
Brad Kellar / Greenville Herald-Banner

The City of Greenville is hoping for some good news this week, as a second set of bids are opened on the 2014 Street Improvement Program.

Only two bids were received last month, after the first time the current year’s effort was advertised, and both came in above the projected budget for the job.

The bids are due by 3 p.m. Tuesday, after which they will opened and evaluated by the city staff, before they are presented to the Greenville City Council for its consideration.

Street reconstruction project starting soon

Dec 26, 2013
City of Greenville

Work is expected to begin early next year on the first phase of a major street reconstruction project. Portions of three busy Greenville streets will be rebuilt under the first stage of the effort, which was approved by local voters in May.

The rebuilding of Stonewall Street between Mockingbird Lane and Interstate 30, Sayle Street between Kari Lane and Interstate 30, and Webb Street between Sayle and Wesley Streets will be the first phase, according to Greenville City Manager Massoud Ebrahim.

Ebrahim named interim city manager

May 21, 2013
City of Greenville

Director of Public Works Massoud Ebrahim was appointed Monday as the interim city manager for the City of Greenville.

Council to award animal shelter renovation bid

Mar 11, 2013
City of Greenville

The Greenville City Council intends to award a bid this week for renovations to the city’s animal shelter.

One Step Closer to New Sidewalks

Dec 31, 2012

GREENVILLE — As 2012 comes to a close, a project to build miles of new sidewalks in Greenville is expected to be one step closer to getting under way.

City of Greenville

The Greenville City Council took no action  Tuesday to add $160,000 in enhancements to the Monty Stratton Parkway, instead discussing where else that money could be used.

Sale of water to development company finalized

Mar 14, 2012

GREENVILLE - The Greenville City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday to sell raw water to the Sunrise Municipal Utility District which will go toward filling a new lake.