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Dallas business consultant and East Texas State/Texas A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington says there are many ways for employers to earn "buy-in" from their employees, in which they feel a personal involvement with the organization and its mission.  The "Five Friends," a group of business consultants and authors that includes Randy, recently produced a video on the subject of "buy-in."

Randy Pennington, CEO of Pennington Group in Dallas, and ET/A&M-Commerce alumnus, is one of the "Five Friends" of business consultant, who each recently discussed the "one mistake everyone makes."  The one mistake Randy says everyone makes is "confusing being busy with being productive."

Randy Pennington, business consultant, CEO of Pennington Group in Dallas, and ET/Texas A&M-Commerce alumnus, says in a recent blog post that respect is missing from our political discourse.  Randy says the idea has taken hold that someone who disagrees with us politically must be a bad person.  As a business advisor, Randy says we must look to find areas of agreement with those who disagree with us.

Pennington Group
Pennington Group

Dallas business consultant and ETSU/A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington recently wrote a blog article titled, "If Shakespeare Wrote About Business Today."  Randy suggests instead of writing, "let's kill all the lawyers," Shakepeare might write, "let's kill all the managers and supervisors," because Pennington says many are not getting the best out of their employees.

Dallas business consultant and East Texas State and Texas A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington shares tips from his associates the Five Friends on good ways to start the New Year of 2016.  Randy, the CEO of Pennington Group, says if you want something to be different, you must commit to change.

Business consultant and East Texas State/A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington says its vital for businesses to constantly monitor social media, especially for negative comments, to which businesses should respond immediately.  Randy is the CEO of the Pennington Group of Dallas.

Business consultant Randy Pennington of Dallas, an East Texas State University/Texas A&M-Commerce alumnus, discusses a recent article from the "Five Friends" group of consultants, "If I Were President."  For himself, Randy says he'd govern from the center, achieve what's doable, and "not wait on the perfect."

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Business consultant, CEO of Pennington Group and East Texas State/Texas A&M-Commerce alumnus Randy Pennington and his "Five Friends" group offer tips for a more successful 2015.  One of Randy's tips: Take time to define what you mean by "better."

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban advocates limiting student-loan debt to $10,000 as a way of bolstering the economy.  Business consultant Randy Pennington, CEO of Pennington Group in Dallas and an East Texas State University/A&M-Commerce alumnus, discusses Cuban's recommendation.

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Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, recently announced a policy of unlimited vacation for his employees, provided they do their work.  Dallas business consultant Randy Pennington, an alumnus of East Texas State University, says whether this will work depends on the culture of the company, but it's likely to become more common in the future.

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Randy Pennington -- author, speaker, business consultant, native of Greenville and alumnus of East Texas State University -- says change is happening exponentially, which means it's literally overwhelming for many people.  His latest book is "Make Change Work."

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The CEO of the Pennington Performance Group of Addison, and A&M-Commerce/ETSU alumnus Randy Pennington advises businesses on managing change.  Whether you're a "dodo bird" or a "coyote" will determine whether you successfully adapt to changes, Randy says.