Rick Miller

Our personal technology commentator Rick Miller has tips on a moisture-wicking towel and automatic-flushing toilet technology for the home.

Our personal technology commentator, Rick Miller, describes some new products that may bring clean drinking water to people around the world who desperately need it, including a "drinkable book" and the "Lifestraw."

The Blacklands Cafe's personal technology commentator Rick Miller says a new product will protect your car against hail, even if you have to leave it outside the garage. And Rick says crank-operated radios may not be high-tech, but they're sure good to have in event of a power failure.

KETR's personal technology commentator Rick Miller on the practical applications of controversial Google Glass, the arrival of Ultra HD television, and something called "the recharging bowl."

Our personal technology commentator Rick Miller says the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featured dozens of amazing new tech wonders, including "onesies," that will help parents take better care of babies, and Google Glass, which is having a positive effect on law enforcement.

Our technology commentator Rick Miller says 3-D printers are available in "box stores" for around $1,300, and a small hand-held 3-D printer that can render small, plastic figures is available for about $99.  There is concern that guns can actually be printed, but body parts such as hands and ears have also been produced with 3-D printers.  Rick offers this list of the 10 weirdest 3-D

KETR's personal technology maven, Rick Miller, breaks down the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Texas A&M University-Commerce

A&M-Commerce Training and Development instructor Rick Miller discusses a bold new vision for the cell phone.