Lamar County
3:51 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

Paris ISD's Jones draws attention with STAAR comments


You don't have to look too hard on the Paris Independent School District's web page to find the open letter to parents and friends about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, commonly known as the STAAR test.

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The Morning Bell
7:10 am
Fri March 28, 2014

Many want standardized testing to disappear in public schools

After asking many people what they thought about standardized testing, the majority came back negative:

"Standardized testing in Texas puts a TON of pressure on teachers to prepare their students to do well on the tests, NOT to teach them things they should actually be learning. It's a huge hinderance to learning." -Matthew, Commerce.

"I say no. I believe it puts too much pressure on students and teachers. I definitely believe that it should not be a key factor in whether you graduate or not. Some students do great in school but terribly on tests." -Josh, Callisburg.

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Texas Schools
7:12 am
Fri July 13, 2012

Northeast Texas lawmaker again speaks out against standardized tests

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VAN - Dan Flynn said in a release Thursday that the requirement that a student pass three of the new STAAR tests before they can go to college in 2015 is misguided and needs to be reexamined. 

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