Texas Republican Party

Texas Politics
4:00 pm
Tue March 18, 2014

Does the tea party really want to limit government?

Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick is known to have conservative grassroots political views that are shared with the tea party.
KERA / keranews.org

For many in the Republican establishment, the ongoing flirtation with conservative grassroots over the last few years began to look a little like a walk of shame after Tuesday’s emergence of state Sens. Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton as front-runners in their respective runoffs against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and state Rep.

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2014 Elections
8:00 am
Sat February 1, 2014

Republicans worried about March, but not November

State Senator Bob Deuell will be running against Mark Thompson and Bob Hall in the March 4 primary election.
KETR / ketr.org

The Republican candidates for lieutenant governor do not seem worried about Democratic challengers and independent voters, or particularly concerned about whether their public conversations and debates fuel the Democrats’ election-year motif of a war on women.

If they were, they would not be talking like this. You would not have seen what you saw during the debate early this week as they all raced to the conservative end of the pool, hoping to win the hearts of the Republican voters they will face in the primary election in March.

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Texas U.S. Representatives
9:50 am
Thu July 25, 2013

Hall supports NSA limits as Texas GOP split on vote

Rep. Ralph Hall
Rep. Raplh Hall

Rep. Ralph Hall voted for an amendment that would have limited a phone records collection program run by the National Security Agency. The measure failed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

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