Texas Workforce Commission

Texas added more than 36,000 jobs in April, even as the state’s overall unemployment rate nudged up, according to the latest Labor Market Report from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Community Seeds

Bert Cooper of Community Seeds, a faith-based organization in Lone Oak, says numerous area industries are supporting the organization's $500,000 self-sufficiency grant from the Texas Workforce Commission.  The industries have agreed to employ people trained by Community Seeds using the funds from the grant.  Community Seeds will train people as medical assistants, medical-billing encoders, pharmaceutical technicians, welders, and electricians, along with other occupations.

Community Seeds
Community Seeds

Bert Cooper with Community Seeds of Lone Oak, a faith-based organization, has received a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission to provide job training.  Companies in any industry may ask Community Seeds to provide training for specific jobs that need to be filled, at no cost to the company.  For example, Community Seeds is working with the A-Trinity Home Health Care company of Arlington to train people for up to 28 jobs. / Texas Workforce Commission

SULPHUR SPRINGS - More than 600 new employees at five Northeast Texas companies will receive training as part of a $740,000 grant from the Texas Workforce Commission.

AUSTIN - The Texas jobless rate in April dropped below 7 percent (6.9 percent) for the first time in three years, bringing with it improved figures for several Northeast Texas counties.

Unemployment continues to fall locally

Jan 23, 2012

AUSTIN - A majority of area counties showed a drop in jobless figures in the latest report on Friday by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Local unemployment figures show positive gains

Dec 19, 2011

According to figures released by the Texas Workforce Commission, Hopkins County’s lowest jobless rate in the region continued to fall, down to 6.5 percent in November, a half percent drop from October.