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The Quinlan-Tawakoni News reports that West Tawakoni councilwoman Laura Bailey Beckett was arrested at 10 a.m. today by the West Tawakoni Police Department on two sealed indictments issued by the Hunt County Grand Jury.

Chief of Police Brandon Kilpatrick said the warrants were in connection with an accident involving death and tampering with physical evidence, the report said.

“The grand jury indictment and warrants issued were in connection with the case that was being investigated into the death of Jackie Blaylock of Quinlan,” Kilpatrick said, according to the report.

An attempt to escape arrest in southern Hunt County ended with a suspect injured and in jail, according to the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department.
Hunt County Sheriff's Dept.

Trevor Scott Copeland of Quinlan was convicted last month in connection with the same incident and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Hunt County Sheriff's Dept.

Internal injuries to a two-year-old indicate more than a fall, according to medical staff.

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GREENVILLE — A state district judge has denied a motion for a new trial, filed by attorneys for a West Tawakoni City Council member ordered off of the panel in October.

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Attorneys for a West Tawakoni City Council member, ordered off of the panel in October, are seeking a new trial in the case.

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An attorney has been appointed for a Hunt County man charged with trying to run over firefighters.

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There’s still no answer in the West Tawakoni city council court room battle. An appeals court will be asked to determine whether a West Tawakoni city council member who ran unopposed for re-election on the November 6th ballot will be able to take office.

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GREENVILLE - The guilty verdict issued by a Hunt County jury Thursday was for one count of official misconduct.

With less than a month to go before the election, two candidates seeking spots on the West Tawakoni City Council are scheduled to face off in a Hunt County courtroom.


In addition to the national, statewide and countywide races, some local citizens will be choosing between city council and school board members.

League of Women Voters of California

Voters served by two area school districts and citizens of one Hunt County city will also be voting during the November 6th General election.

West Tawakoni Independence Day Celebration

Jun 30, 2012

WEST TAWAKONI - Lone Oak’s Colten O’Neill will provide the entertainment for the annual West Tawakoni Independence Day Celebration.

GREENVILLE - A motion seeking a summary judgment in a West Tawakoni court battle is denied and trial will proceed in May as planned.

GREENVILLE - Two south Hunt County residents have been indicted on charges of injury to a child stemming from a December incident.

West Tawakoni Woman Seeks Reduction in Bond

Dec 29, 2011

A West Tawakoni woman is seeking a reduction in her bond in connection with a reported child abuse incident earlier this month.