Whitetail Deer

Outdoors writer Brad Fenson traveled from Alberta, Canada to hunt deer out in West Texas with Steven Ray and Luke. During the hunt, he harvested this unique piebald buck.
Luke Clayton

This week Luke travels out to far west Texas to hunt whitetail deer with his friend Steven Ray, maker of Rattling Forks ( and another great friend, Brad Fenson, a well known outdoors writer from Alberta. During the hunt, Steven rattled in many bucks and Brad was lucky enough to harvest a rare piebald buck (pictured). Luke is a happy camper also, he used his Darton Toxin Crossbow to take a heavy buck and doe. 

Deer, duck, and crappie all on the topic list today
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The first case of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) was discovered earlier in the week in a whitetail deer on a deer breeding operation in Texas. Larry Weishuhn (Mr. Whitetail) who is an A & M trained wildlife biologist as well as a hunting celebrity, joins Luke this week to discuss CWD.

Tune in this week and listen to Luke and his guest Steven Ray tell about an exciting whitetail hunt in southwest Texas earlier this week. 

Luke Clayton with a buck rattled in by Steven Ray with his Rattling Forks. www.rattlingforks.comCredit Luke ClaytonEdit | Remove

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke talks rattling in big whitetail bucks with Steven Ray, a veteran antler rattler who's rattled in hundreds of big bucks. Tune in and learn how the master gets those mature bucks out of  the cover and into shooting position!

Milo Hanson/Luke Clayton

Luke visits with Milo Hanson this week, the man who harvested the long standing world record typical white tail buck. Tune in and listen to Milo tell how he took this awesome buck.

Mark Balette

Luke visits with hunting outfitter Mark Balette ( and discusses hunting late season whitetail and waterfowl.

This week on Outdoors with Luke Clayton, David Fort, president of American Whitetail Authority ( is Luke's guest. David tells about AWA, the competition and upcoming TV show.