Wild Hogs

Luke Clayton

Champion BBQ cook Obie Obermark of joins Luke this week to talk outdoor cooking.

Luke Clayton

This week, Ken Blackstock with Plano Golf Carts tells about a system he is using that allows one to drive off road vehicles in pitch darkness using an infra red scope with screen mounted in front of the driver.

Luke Clayton

Justin Larsen with Nite Site USA  (  is Luke's guest this week. Tune in and learn about a cost effective method of reducing wild hog numbers.

Luke Clayton

Luke and his guests cover the bases in the outdoors in today's show. Everything from quail hunting to catching spawning crappie is discussed. Tune in and join the fun!

Wild Pork

Dec 27, 2013
Larry Large talks "tea birds" with Luke this week
Luke Clayton

Larry Large joins Luke again this week and divulges some tips and tactics that will help you put some wild pork in the freezer....

Larry Large

Two Louisiana natives travel to Texas on a hunt for wild hogs.

Luke Clayton

Luke solos this week and discusses everything from the crappie spawn to the effect of moon phase on wild hog movement. 

Luke and his guest, Don Gresham with Gone Fencing, talk about a very effective way to control wild hog numbers with the use of a smartphone!

Luke Clayton

Luke and his guest Cleon P. Carraway share an exciting method of hunting wild hogs: Calls.

Audio: Hogs in Northeast Texas

Jan 23, 2013
Luke Clayton

Wild hogs are over abundant in Northeast Texas, as this trail camera image attests.